My name is Megan (she/her), and I am an avid maker. I love to knit, crochet, spin, and weave. I also love helping others on their making journey, whether that is through encouraging makers to challenge themselves with new techniques, or by helping designers create a clear and polished pattern to share with other makers.




"Megan was an amazing person to work with! She was incredibly thorough, but not pushy, and the whole time I felt like her goal was to make my pattern really be the best it could be. At the end of the day, I had my pattern, fully realized. It wasn't someone else's pattern, or a pattern from a formula, it was mine, but far better, clearer, and more polished than it would have been without her. A huge thank you to Megan, and I highly recommend her!"

Lily PK, 

Ladybug Laboratory Designs